Looking For The Best Credit Card Rates? Avoid Major Banks. Here’s Why …

Do you know which types of banks offer the most favorable bank rates? Are you aware that these types of banks won’t even come and seek you?

If you are looking for the best credit card rates, here’s one sexy money tip for you.

Avoid the Bank of Americas or the Citibanks of the world. These banks won’t give you the best rates.

The most favorable credit card rates that you will find are the ones offered by mid-size regional banks.

Aside from offering low annual percentage rates (APRs), these regional banks also have fewer fees.

Pair up low APRs with fewer or lower fees, you can definitely score major savings in the long-run.

Even the overall customer satisfaction ratings of regional banks have been found to be much higher for regional bank card issuers compared to national issuers.

When it comes to rewards programs, some of these regional banks also offer some competitive options.

So you may ask: “What if I don’t live in the same state as the bank? Can I still apply for a card?”

The answer …

It may vary depending on the bank.

In most cases, any person with a decent credit rating or history may apply for a card from any of these regional banks even if your live out-of-state.

Some banks may have geographic limitations but a lot of them accept applicants from out of state. All you have to do is find out and ask.

Here’s the thing …

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