These 6 Companies Are Practically Giving Free Money

Times are getting tougher. Fuel prices have spiked, food and grocery prices have been creeping up, and jobs are getting tougher to find. Furthermore, this pandemic keeps raging on.

Thank goodness, there are companies out there who are willing to help and are giving away free money during these trying times.

We did some deep digging to find the best and legitimate ways for you to cash in by doing simple, easy things.

Are you ready to claim your share of benjamins?

Here are six ways you can practically get hold of free money during these tough times:

6. Make As Much As $800 A Week Sharing Your Opinions

Yes, brands need your opinion for them to be able to make sure their products and services connect well with consumers.

Nothing can be easier than sharing your opinion while you get paid for it.

There’s a ton of survey sites out there but we uncovered one of the best for you.

Survey Voices is a site where you may earn money by doing surveys of your favorite consumer brands. You may earn up to $800 every week by completing surveys!

Simply qualify within seconds, then explore special offers in exchange for your comments and gain access to paid surveys, clinical trials, and part-time work opportunities.

It couldn’t be simpler! Join here.

5. Earn As Much As $100 Playing Games On Your Cell Phone

If you love playing games on your smartphone during downtime, why not earn some extra moolah while playing games.

We are talking about real money.

You might be wondering if there is a catch. Well, there really isn’t.

GiftPlay has a 4+/5 rating in the app store. It has been downloaded by over 5,000 players who are earning extra cash while playing.

A review by Erik Lane on the app store says: “So far, I have earned from than $100, which I have then redeem to gift cards. This app is excellent! … Overall, I give a 5/5 star rating because it is the only app out there that stands true to its claim.”

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check it out yourself. Join here for free.

4. Shop Using This App And Get Rewarded With Cash

This shopping app has been giving out millions in cash rewards in exchange for your participation. That’s as simple as it can get.

In fact, 3 million shoppers are now enjoying their shopping while earning cash using this app.

All you have to do is to download the Drop App, sign up, and link your debit and credit cards.

You can then start shopping at your favorite stores and begin collecting points that can be redeemed for cash.

It’s really like getting paid while you shop.

Shop at brands you love and get paid. Use it for food, shopping, or travel.

Need to use Uber or Lyft? Use Drop App and earn.

Need to buy makeup at Sephora? Use Drop App and earn.

Shopping at or Walmart? Use Drop App and earn.

Start earning points at the places you use every day.

3. Get Paid For Your Opinion Where It Matters

Why waste time on social media sharing your opinions on politics, tv shows, movies, brands, or places when you can share your opinions on these and get paid for them?

Did you know that more than 10 million people have been paid to share their opinions?

Want to cash in on your opinions?

Join Survey Junkie. This is one of the best consumer feedback platforms out there that Big Brands work with in order for them to tweak and or develop their products and services.

They’ll ask you questions like do you prefer Little Caesars, Pizza Hut, or Domino’s or if you prefer Coke or Pepsi.

You earn points for answering and lots of people accumulate enough points to request a check within a few hours.

Give it try. It’s free to join.

2. Do Online Shopping And Get $25 In Reward Dollars Every Month

This special platinum card gives you money every month. The best part is you are guaranteed approval when you apply … even if you have bad credit!

If you love shopping online but you’re not using Accepted Platinum Card, then you are missing out on extra cash.

And who doesn’t want extra cash?

You get to enjoy 0% financing on brand-name products.

You also get significant discounts on other services like roadside assistance, legal assistance, and more.

If you have poor credit, no problem at all. Your approval is guaranteed plus there is no credit check.

Your application is safe too as they use military-grade encryption.

1. Get $225 In Cash By Just Watching Videos

You’d probably chuckle if we told you that watching films on your computer could earn you money.

That can’t be right, can it?

InboxDollars, a business that rewards you for watching videos online, will pay you to do so.

You could be watching someone make pastries one minute, and then getting the latest on 90-Day Fiance saga turmoil the next.

There are only a few questions to respond to regarding the videos you watch after you’ve finished them.

These videos are sponsored by brands that pay InboxDollars, and InboxDollars passes a portion of that payment on to the viewers.

You can earn up to $225 a month by watching videos on the platform.

It’s already paid out over $200 million to its members.

You’ll receive $5 as soon as you sign up with your email address here. 💰